Saturday, March 31

Fearless Fantasy Friday - How Would You Like To Be Lounging Here?....

This space is just breath-taking for me...... all those trees so beautifully majestic in the background would make that porch the perfect place for soul restoration.

The part of my heart that yearns to have trees around me would be very happy indeed if I had somewhere like that to find my peace.

I'm a trifle late for a Fearless Fantasy Friday post, but as it's only just gone Saturday here, and it's still Friday on the other side of the world, I figure I can still make it count. And, this image just jumped off the page at me.

Happy weekend my lovelies! May you find a place to reach your own peace this weekend.

Linda. xox



  1. Ooo lovely! That's one thing I miss, a beautiful big garden with flowers and trees etc. I used to have a garden but it wasn't really big and I had a lot of noise pollution from the neighbours, so it wasn't a place to relax in... but one like this, where can I sign up??

    This weekend is space clearing weekend at Casa Sacha - although I will be having friends over, so wonder how far I'll get with all my cleaning & clearing plans ;-) Hv a great weekend!

    1. Space clearing.... I love doing that! Unfortunately I've been so busy lately that I need a weekend of vaccuming, dusting, de-cobwebbing, washing, weeding....... and on, and on. Sigh! Having friends over sounds like great fun, enjoy. xox

  2. Oh no, Linda, I wouldn't like it at all...just kidding!! I have a garden a and a patio, but it's nothing like this!! I don't have pretty chairs, or a sofa, and even the grass is not like that...oh well, the neighbour's grass is always greener, right? The problem is that mine has yellow spots every where. I'm a baaad gardener. I'm planning to have some gardening done tomorrow, and of course the weather forecast says it will rain. At least those yellow spots will get solved.
    Have a great week end. Even if, as I'm typing, your weekend is almost over. I hope it was a good one !

    1. I LOVE gardens, I'm just hopeless at maintaining them. If someone else does it I'm fine! Haha. My plants have spots too, and if they can't survive from natural rain, then I'm afraid they don't live long. Fortunately my lavender and succulents pretty much grow despite me!

      Happy weekend Bobbi. xoxo


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