Tuesday, March 13

A Beautiful Apartment In Stockholm..... I Think I Like White After All!

I'm not a huge lover of interiors with lots of white.... but every now and then I almost fall in love with one.

I can certainly see (and feel - which is more important) myself in this one. I get a great vibe from it, and I can imagine what the air and the space would feel like if I was in it. It draws me to it, and that's how I know I really love a room or a house.

This home is an apartment in Stockholm, and it looks like it is the epitome of Swedish style!

The shelving in the living room is glorious isn't it?!

All images found on Fresh Home via Skeppsolmen

The whole place beams with harmony. I could find peace there I think.

What do you think?

Linda. xox

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  1. What a gorgeous apartment! I love the spacious feel of it, and that wonderful grey corner seating and those cute retro chairs!

    Thanks for sharing Linda!

    Gill xx

  2. I LOVE that apartment. But then I'm a lover of white! ;-) What a gorgeous light-filled place, and that shelving is spectacular...

  3. I used to think white was too cold, especially since I love liberal doses of color. But I've reconsidered with so many beautiful white homes like this one. The shelving, books and expansive views won me over!

  4. I love white. No, wait, I adore white! Well, as long as it is in someone else's house. Mine is all about color, because I love the calmness of white but I need to see color around me. I don't have a single white wall in my house, just the ceilings. And the only white items are in the bathroom, which has white tiles but...yellow ceiling. I wish I could have such an elegant place, but white is good if you are really neat , and I am really not. It is probably my subconsciousness that is forcing me to paint everything in a color.

  5. Oh wow ... I love this so much. I'm sure I've spoken before about how much I love all-white interiors ... I love how they don't have to look sparse and plain, they can be warm and welcoming.

    This house is so beautiful, I could easily live here! :)


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