Tuesday, August 16

Contentment Comes From.....

One of the best books I have on my shelf is a dog eared old copy of 'Open Your Eyes - 1000 Simple Ways To Bring Beauty Into Your Home and Life Every Day' by Alexandra Stoddard.

Alexandra is another of a select bunch (including Ilse Crawford, Sibella Court, Suzy Chiazzari, Denise Linn and Jane Alexander) who I feel embodies the way I feel about interior design and my own philosophy behind it.

Here's a passage taken from the book....

Contentment comes from creating and living in harmonious personal spaces. You learn to look at and really see space with your gut, not your intellect. The ability to identify sacred spaces - places that speak to your heart and soul, that open you up, expand your vision, your imagination and your dignity - should be cultivated.  (Alexandra Stoddard)

If only all our rooms could speak to our hearts, 'open' us up, expand our vision, our imagination and our dignity.

Linda. xox



  1. Loving the kitchen images. Always looking for inspiration. Have you seen my fabulous new mirror?

  2. These images are absolutely perfect for this post! They look so cozy and inviting and make me want to move in tomorrow :)



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