Tuesday, July 12

Etsy Dreaming ~ Zipper 8 Lighting ~ Atmosphere And Mood...

Lighting is one of the most essential areas to address when it comes to making a home feel right. One of my earliest posts opined about the remarkable effect lighting can have on our homes and the people within them.

There's all different sorts of lighting, but I love lighting that brings soft, glowing, moody atmosphere to a room.

I love cocooning myself in soothing, flattering, mellow light.

It makes me feel good! (And look better too - haha.)

These lights from Zipper 8 Lighting on Etsy are both atmospheric and unusual. The artist (they seem like 'art' to me) makes them from maps, book pages, drinking straws, old recycled plastic bags... an amazing feat.

Her name is Allison Patrick, and she's a recent graduate from Architecture School in New York City.

How glam does that sound!

They look so beautiful in their lit up state.

So eye-catching and sculptural.

I also like the earthy feel that comes from them. They just seem to give off good grounding vibes (especially the lights made from the pages of a book and map pieces - you know how I love books and maps)!

I think it's always special to be able to buy something that's gorgeous, and has been made from 'found' materials rather than 'manufactured' in a sterile environment.

I love them. What do you think?

You can find Zipper 8 Lighting here.

Linda. xox

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