Sunday, July 24

Awwww - Pets...

Pets can really make a home can't they!

This cat looks a lot like my cat Jessie.

BUT, I can tell you without a second thought that Jessie would not be this patient if we had a little feathered friend like this one hanging around!

How good was that cat?! It only started to get really cranky (and even then in a pretty controlled manner) at the end.

Jessie would've had a few feathers sticking out of her mouth and the bird would've been mysteriously absent by that stage....

Linda. xox



  1. this is so adorable. I think they must be longtime friends, otherwise the bird wouldn't be so brave. And I don't understand what it was trying to do with the cat? Playing? Be eaten? Love the expression and the pose of the cat...super lazy...
    Some of my cats are afraid of birds. They love to see them flying around in the garden but if they get too close they run away!! I think for them food comes in a tin can from the pet store...they lost they're killing instincts!

  2. I have friends like that pesky bird. lol


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