Friday, June 24

Fearless Fantasy Friday - Diamond Baratta Design...

I think the guys over at Diamond Baratta Design are pretty darn fearless!

These gorgeous shots from their portfolio are so full of indulgent colour and non-paranoid use of pattern! I also love the way they use the 'curve' in their rooms. Gives them a sort of groovy vibe!

What do you think?

Head on over here to see more of their bold and fearless designs!

Linda. xox



  1. I love it!! Everything is so round, and I like the tone of blue they use constantly, with a splash of color here and there. The artwork in the first picture is really bold, but I would love it on my walls if I had one empty...if I pay you the ticket plane for Italy, could you come and declutter my house?
    just kidding.
    My problem is that I have a little house, to many books, too many cds and dvds, then there is all the material I use for work, from the computer to the printer, the pencils, watercolors, papers...stuff. that. I. need.
    I have to make peace with this fact.
    The sofa in the second picture is to die for.
    Have a great week end Linda!!

  2. that is some awesomely funky decorating - love it !
    Like Art Deco fusion to the 50's - it works brilliantly in colour and form, even where they are obviously much older architecture surrounding them.
    Ohhh the inspiration !


I'm very grateful for your participation.

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Linda. xx

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