Wednesday, May 4

Two Very Wise Words...

Easy to say....

... so hard to do.

Linda. xox



  1. yes it is. But it is really the key to everyhting. We don't want to let go because whatever it is that we should let go, it always feels like loosing, when it's really not. Letting go is about gaining. We are all afraid of what we don't know, and this is another key to the subject: how can we be scared of something we don't know ?n How can we take for granted that what we don't know is bad or dangerous? Why is the glass always half empty for so many people? My answer is, don't think about it and enjoy taking risks. Whatever happens is a new experience, and a new experience, good or bad, is a gain. Plus, according to the big numbers, it is quite impossible for things to naturally go always bad. It's exactly hte opposite.
    xox bobbi

  2. Beautifully said Bobbi.

    And, a HUGE congrats upon the opening of your much anticipated online store. Woohoo for you!!!!

    Linda. xox


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