Friday, May 27

Fearless Fantasy Friday - A Bold Gallery Wall....

I've always wanted one of those built-in bookcases that goes around and over a window, but now I'm thinking I've got another idea for what to put around a lovely window....

A gallery wall!

The 'sea' theme in this grouping of pictures and artworks is invoked via pictures of boats and ships, some old sea captains, a sailing boat blueprint, and other bits and pieces. I love the little bust of a sea captain on the table too.

What a fearless way of decorating a wall.... no holding back here!

The whole room is very calm, yet bold and distinctive with its eclectic mix of furniture, little objects, the ultra modern light fitting, and of course the variety of frames and pics on the wall.

And, see the room divider over there on the right? I think it has a covering of maps on it... how perfect. (Plays right into my 'thing' for maps).

Linda. xox



  1. love the timberwork !
    and the gallery sits so well - wish i knew how to hang pictures that matched top or bottom without destroying plasterwork :(

  2. Hi Linda!
    Thats a great idea isnt it, and works so well in that great room with the arched timbers. Cant work out what all those round things are above the window though - are they spotlights??!!
    Gill xx

  3. Oh yes, a gallery wall sounds like a wonderful idea ... and it looks pretty fantastic too! :)

    PS. Sorry for my slack visiting and commenting of late, things have been busy and I wanted to shake off my blah, negative mood before stopping by. I've missed you and your blog! :)

  4. Wow, the art really does make the room here! I am always on the hunt for great art but am always wondering whether I will really have the room for it and how many gallery walls can one have without finding it overwhelming to have every square inch covered. That said, this photo shows how well a lot of art can look if it's done right. Thanks for the inspiration.


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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