Tuesday, April 19

A Glorious Stained Glass Window Plus A Bookcase To Admire

My well documented 'thing' for books and all things 'booky' meant this room was always going to be a hit!

The bookshelves are quite delicious. Lots of little hidey holes and compartments of all sizes to display books big and small... as well as the odd owl or two!

The stained glass window, however, tips the whole thing over into delerium for me. I love a beautiful stained glass window.

Linda. xox



  1. Hi Linda, what a stunning pic you've chosen here and what a juxtapose between the very contemporary bookcase and window, but somehow it works doesn't it. I love stained glass windows too. Happy Easter to you.

  2. That's me for sure. Absolutely beautiful. Don't know if I would get much reading done I would be starring at the stained glass instead. Charmaine

  3. I've been drooling over that bookcase for a good ten years. Sooo expensive.
    I LOVE that window!! It reminds me of my aunt Anita house on lake Como: she had the front entrance with a whole stained window wall , and inside in the hall she kept lemon trees. So you would see those beautiful colors from the outside, and when you get inside you could smell lemon scent and be irradiated by the color reflection. It is one of my most precious childhood memory.
    xox bobbi

  4. Oh yes they are both stunning. My husband's grandfather was a stain glass master and his work is in churches all over England. I just love stain glass - the way it changes with the light. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. That bookcase is a beauty!! I love all of the differently sized cubbies...I could fit all of my books in there with ease :)

  6. Gosh, that bookcase is STUNNING! I love how everything looks bright and airy, and yet still filled with books ... that's my kind of place! :)

  7. It is such a Glorious stained glass window plus a bookcase to admire. I really like the design and material. It has beautiful colours.

  8. What a divine bookcase. Of course, it helps that it's in such a beautiful, light-filled home with that gorgeous stained window.


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