Sunday, October 31

Do We Lose Our Way In The 'Middle' Somewhere? Another Wonderful C.S. Lewis Quote To Ponder...

Sad we sometimes lose our way in the 'middle' somewhere.

There's been quite a few posts on here lately about keeping your inner child alive and decorating in a way that caters to that magical part of you, because I really think it's important.

Maybe we get too 'prim and proper' or too concerned with following 'those who know' or 'the experts' in our middle years.

Maybe we become too much a 'slave to trends' and not enough a 'liberator of our own passion and curiosity'.

Whatever it is...... I think we should all read our own versions of fairytales, (and decorate like we're in our own fairytale - whatever that looks like), our whole lives through.

What do you think?

Linda. xox


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  1. I think you are spot on Linda. I too believe we get too caught up trying to be "accepted" by the experts or masses - whether it be interiors wise, clothes, professions - I could go on and on.

    Thanks for the reminder to be truer to ourselves and live as we wish to.

    Sandy K

  2. I couldn't agree more with you Linda. We should never forget the child inside of us. I used to hear a lot phrases like 'get rid of those dolls, you're 25!' but those dolls still remind me the magical world i used to get into when I played, and I smile everytime. Plus, i remeber what it is that I dreamt of as a kid and I deeply believe that is the dream I must follow. I guess what we wanted as kids is what we REALLY want, no matter how absurd it may look. And we should never give up on that.

  3. Yes, I agree! I love indulging in all those sweet things that made my childhood such a happy one..

  4. Another lovely quote Linda!! (I'm really loving these little truisms which bring with them a lovely burst of inspiration!).

    I think it's sad that we sometimes lose ourselves along the path through life from child to adult ... it's so important to reconnect with those original ideals from time to time. I often think our child selves are more connected to who we really are.

    I love your thought that we should all 'read our own versions of fairytales' ... such a wonderful sentiment, and so true! :)

  5. interesting quote to ponder since I am reading fairy tales these days ... to my kids, but often find myself scoffing at the stories, not out loud of course, but silently to myself. Maybe I'm not yet old enough -- or rather -- wise enough -- to believe in fairy tales again yet.

  6. I love the idea of decorating like we're living in a fairy tale... and I have to confess having some things around my home and office that remind me of Narnia!


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Linda. xx

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