Sunday, August 1

Some Eye Candy In This Online Magazine...

Hope the weekend is going well lovelies! Here's some eye candy to flick through in this online magazine showcasing various designers.

Click on the 'view in full screen' button in the middle, then click on 'zoom' if you really want the best seat in the house!

Linda. xox



  1. I always wanted to visit Canada. One of my aunts lived in Toronto for sometime in she said it's beautiful, that the people are very nice. She lived in the woods just outside the city and had a moose coming for cookies every morning at breakfast. My kind of life...lost in the woods and with wild animals around me.

  2. i'm always searching for new sources of inspiration and this one is amazing! thanks for sharing :) xoxo - julie

  3. I'd love to visit Cananda too Bobbi, I've always heard the people are so friendly! The moose coming for cookies...... oh my gosh, so cute!!! I always think of the old TV series Northern Exposure when I think of moose.... the big old moose wandering down the main street in the opening credits. Being lost in the woods with wild animals (as long as they don't attack me - lol) sounds amazing!

    Hi Jules - glad you enjoyed it!

    Linda. :)

  4. I watched Northern Exposure too...cute series.


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