Saturday, August 21

The Pug 'Head Tilt'...

How cute is this!

I was around at a good friend's house tonight for some great thai food, chocolate, and bubbly.... and we were looking at stuff on You Tube.

Animals are so wonderful to have around aren't they!

I think I want a pug!

Apparently this is something all pugs do...... the 'head tilt'!

Linda. xox



  1. sooo cute!!! I love how the last pug looks around him like he's not understanding..." are we going for a ride or for a walk?"
    Animals are the best companions.

    Love also the post before this!!! wonderful images!!

    Have a great week end!

  2. Too cute! I do love doggies, we don't have a pug but we do have one very spoilt little princess:)

  3. Wow! Those were very cute little pugs. They're so nice to look at. They're so adorable. How lovely.

  4. I love that one too Bobbi....looks like he's going "Huh? What? What did I miss?"

    The bath in the previous post is pretty darn inviting.... really loved it when I saw it!

    Nerine, I bet your little princess is adored to bits! I don't think my cat Jessie would like a little pug brother or sister much, but you never know.

    Hi Home Decor Pillows! Some great cushions you have on your site. I like the ones that look like they have book stacks on them! Thanks for the lovely comment!

    Linda. xox

  5. Hi and thanks for posting our video! - Max & Minnie


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