Saturday, July 3

Some Yummy Weekend Wishes, And Some Mouthwatering Weekend Wanderings!

Mmmmmm, there's nothing like devouring the most yummy comfort food to bring a burst of happiness to your day!

This weekend, may you find yourself savouring morsels of your favourite treats!

Weekend Wanderings:

To add to the drool worthy images above, here's some awesome 'foodie' links (and one 'food on your face' link) to take a wander around this weekend!

♥ Louise from the always fascinating Table Tonic (and she's a fellow Aussie - hi Louise!) tweeted about Sunday Suppers a little while back, and now I'm hooked! If you're a 'foodie', then you're going to love it. A few of the recipes getting my mouth watering at the moment are Roasted Asparagus With Capers and Lemon,  Boozy Fruit, and Penne Frittata With Basil and Ricotta. Good for any day, not just a Sunday!

♥ The lovely Jenn over at the inspirational blog Loving Your Life, slaps chocolate all over her face for a facial treat. I'm up for that!

Happy, yummy weekend everyone!

Linda. xox

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  1. I'm definitely doing the asapargus with capers and lemon. Sounds delicious.

  2. I really should diet a little, but with all this wonderful food blogs it's impossible...
    and what's life without good food?


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