Wednesday, June 2

Introducing A Fabulous Online Mag For You To Browse Right Here!

Thanks to Holly over at Decor8, I'm now aware of the online mag By Frd!

It's a great Scandinavian design mag with all the typical hallmarks we expect from the Scandinavians...... clean, fresh, pretty, pops of vivacious colour, and lots of white.

You can read an issue below...... if you hover your cursor in the middle of the mag, the full screen view button should appear, and you can see it in all its glory!

Enjoy. :)

It's Wednesday (here in Aus), so here's hoping the gorgeous photography in By Fryd will be an antidote to 'dull and boring' for the remainder of your working week (should you need some inspiration)!



P.S: Remember to check out the new 'We Believe In Home' Manifesto I just completed, there's still a spot to get in the Top 5 and see your link over on the sidebar, as well as your pic and link on the Manifesto page!



  1. What a great link you gave. I din't know her, and I adore scandinvan design! On her blog there are many other links I'm going to look at. Sorry you've been sick, I hope you're felling better now!!

  2. Hi Linda! Popping over from Kelly's ecourse.....Love the magazine! Wonderful design!!

  3. Hi Bobbi, thanks for reminding me to take a look at her blog - I haven't had the time to do that yet! Feeling better after a day on the couch and water and plain biscuits..... back to work today!

    Hi Karin, nice to meet you. :) I jumped over and took a look at your blog, it's gorgeous! Look forward to seeing you at Kelly's course.

    Linda. xox :)

  4. hi there,

    just popping over from Kelly Rae's flying lessons thought I would say hi as I read some of your comments!

    Thanks for sharing the mag, I'm always picking up good ideas via blogging and other creatives on the web.

    See you in class :)


  5. Hi Amelia,

    Thanks for stopping by! Just popped over to your blog and left a comment. Love your blog, it's fantastic, and you are such an inspiration - wow!

    Look forward to seeing you more at Kelly's!

    Linda. xox :)


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