Sunday, June 13

Come Dine With Me - No. 4 - The Romance Of The Outdoors...

I'm featuring two pics for this 'Come Dine With Me' post as I couldn't resist either of them.

How wonderfully romantic, atmospheric, and memorable to dine in an outdoor setting such as these.

Simple, luscious, and pretty.

Wouldn't it be divine to spend some time eating, laughing, and conversing in either of these settings?

And, as always, as a part of 'The Come Dine With Me' series.....

Ask yourself: 'Do I savour the ritual of eating with my family and/or friends whenever I can?'

Which leads to: 'When, or how, can I include this precious time together more?'

Because: There's something so primitively delightful and bonding about the 'breaking of bread' (so to speak) with our loved ones. It's a ritual and a tradition that's been crowded out and lost amongst television, technology, and texting! It's time to 'get together' and connect the old fashioned way again.

Linda. xox

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  1. I don't have a family and my relatives are all over Italy and Europe, so i eat alone most of the times. But even if I miss eating with people I'm close to, i don't feel sad about it and eating is still a pleasure for me. I often set the table like i'm having a party, just because it's a nice feeling to eat in a nice looking table.


  2. So true Bobbi, it's such a pleasure to sit at a table with a lovely place setting when you're by yourself...makes it very special.

    Linda. xox

  3. Hi, Linda! Just flying in from Kelly's e-course to say what a lovely blog you have!

  4. Linda! i find both of these photos to be overwhelmingly romantic...they oooooze romance, in fact!

    so very beautiful!
    we barbaqued in the rain last night! under an umbrella...and I must say that !!! was very romantic! hehe

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  5. OOOh gosh, that looks so divine. I imagine Alice along with the Mad Hatter and his friends to be attending but on their best behaviour of course. xo

  6. I like the first one the best, in the midle of those orange trees. Whenever we vacation in Florida, my favorite part of the drive is all the acres of orange trees. I just want to go pick them. :)

  7. i adore that top image so so lovely... makes me want to dine al fresco - big time!


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