Monday, June 7

A Carnival Of Memories...

I remember when I used to go to the 'show' with my mum when I was little.... all year long I waited and waited for the excitement, smells, sounds, squeal inducing rides, showbags, lolly pink fairy floss, hotdogs on a stick, and those hungry clowns turning their heads from side to side with their mouths open while I tried to get a ping pong ball in there at the right time to win a big stuffed animal prize!

The 'show' was always in November in my home town, and my birthday, and of course Christmas, were in December. So, the end of the year was such a time of wonderment for me when I was a kid. It seemed like an eternity before it came 'round again, and the excitement of it all meant I'd hardly sleep the night before we were due to go.

This colourful print would look just fine on my wall.... and bring back those memories of childhood glee whenever I looked at it.


For the above print and more lovely carnival/cirucus type prints, visit Retrospect Photo on Etsy.

Here's some more stunning Etsy photographers I love too:
Maria Kallin Photography
Irene Suchoki
Photography by Lori H
Rocky Top Studio





  1. Those shows are part of my childhood too.I was lucky enough to live next door to a permanent one, so if i was good a ride on my favorite one was my treat. I remember the colors, the lights, the was magical.
    That place does not exsist anymore, now there is a building...I was there when the threw it down: I was fourteen, and it felt like my childhood was really over...

  2. I love these image. Great movement and colour.


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