Thursday, June 17

5 Ways To Re-use Old Things And Make Them 'New'!

Here's 5 great ideas for re-purposing objects you may have around the house and giving them a new lease of life!

Old cutlery as hooks on the wall.

A photo in a frame as a cocktail tray.

Old calendars as wrapping paper - circle the recipient's birth date!

A gorgeous tea towel as a shared place-mat.

A tutu as a flounce on a painted stool. Viola - a side table for a little girl's bedroom!

See the instructions/info for these fab ideas and another 15 on the My Home Ideas site here.

I love this stuff!!

Linda. xox

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  1. Great pics! I especially love the cutlery hooks.

  2. I love to reuse things and hate to throw away. I once met a guy who made wonderful bracelets out of old silver spoons and forks. I love the tutu table...i'm girlie!!

  3. so beautiful!
    elena, the spanish one


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