Saturday, May 15

Whimsical, Soft, Delicate Colours in High Fashion Photography...

Over at Haute Design, Sarah shared a stunning group of photographs depicting Noa Noa's new High Summer Collection! I've picked 3 photographs whose whimsical, delicate, and mouth-watering colours I just couldn't resist. Their pastel/sorbet hues are so charming and feminine.

From an interior design perspective, wouldn't photograph like these, blown up to large proportions, look absolutely drop dead gorgeous in a dreamy white-walled studio, or a room with a similar colour theme?!

Much like the guy in this pic has pride of place over this room....

You could also choose a room something like this in which to display the photographs....

I'd just remove those plates (and maybe replace those pillow cases with some less frilly versions - I'm not a big frill lover!), and pop a HUGE canvas of the second photograph above up there. A few more touches of the gorgeous blue and green in the photo on the side table and the bigger table, and painting all the wooden furniture to match would then top it off!




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  1. pastel/sorbet hues are so charming and feminine. I totally agree with you! ;) I love this!!!
    xx Jenn


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