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1 Simple Thing - The HPM Linea Colours Range!

This is the first of my posts in a new category I'm calling '1 Simple Thing!' It's all about simple things you can do to change the look of a room, ramp up your atmospheric vibe, create a whole new feel, add a burst of colour....

...... in short, one simple thing you can do that will make a discernible difference quickly and easily to your home's interior!

A few weeks ago I was sent a sample of what I'm writing about today, and I loved them! (If I don't love it I don't write about it. If I do love it, I'll write about it for free!). And, it prompted today's inaugural 'Simple' post.

I'd like to introduce you to HPM's Linea Colours, a brand spanking new range of switchcover plates that come in the most gorgeous colours!

Saucy Red

Electrical fittings have just become.....!

Not to mention glamorous...

.... and cheeky!

No longer a bland household necessity, your cover plates can now lift and invigorate your home’s d├ęcor.

Orange Crush

Inspired by a kaleidoscope of colours (they've got my favourite sort of red in there - yeah!), these affordable switchcover plates can help boost the personality of each of your rooms with a little dash of the unexpected!

Good things do come in small packages - and I reckon this is a surprising and therefore eyecatching way to create an additional design statement whilst complementing existing items.

We're talking 'Bang for your buck!!'

Linea’s ‘Bright’ Collection includes six vivid new colours: Bubblegum Pink, Sunshine Yellow, Orange Crush, Cheeky Boy Blue, Saucy Red and Majestic Purple Abracadabra.

Even the names are fabulous!

Cheeky Boy Blue

The Linea ‘Earth’ Range includes six subtle, natural tones which perfectly complement neutral interiors: 5 O’clock Olive, Ninja Khaki, Light Grey Ghost Gum, Dark Grey Wet Elephant, Ivory Runaway Bride and Black Midnight Dash. (These names kinda made me chuckle - especially 'Dark Grey Wet Elephant' - too cute - lol!!)

Light Grey Ghost Gum

Majestic Purple Abracadabra

Ninja Khaki

Sleek and functional, the range includes light switches, extra safe power points, dimmers, internet, telephone and television outlets. The slim-line cover plates look unobtrusive and blend beautifully with wall surfaces for a seamless, contemporary aesthetic.

Bubblegum Pink

You can find out more about the Linea range on their website, which is where you'll see these very apt words....

'Bold, subtle, striking, soothing, happy, energising, passionate, rejuvenating.... Colour has character! Colour evokes emotion and stimulates our senses by creating visual excitement. Even the smallest splash of colour can transform a room.'

Who'd have thought I'd ever hear these words coming from an electrical fittings retailer.

Good job HPM and Linea Colours!!

♥ 1 simple thing = coloured switchcover plates!

Ask yourself: 'Could my rooms do with an instant burst of colour in an unexpected (and therefore extra effective) place? Would I love just a little bit of a certain colour in my room, but don't know how to introduce it?'

Which leads to: 'How can I create the impact I want in a small, simple way, without too much expense?'

Because: If it's unexpected you only have to add something small to your room for it to make a big impact!



Speaking of lighting, here's a beautiful post about how important it is:
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  1. Hi Linda,

    It's nice to *meet* you too :-)...I love the freesias and orchids? (thought they were Ixias at first) on the connoisseurs soft drink box, very pretty xo

  2. Nerine, you must know heaps about flowers! I've never heard of a lxia before! I know the names of basic flowers, but that's about it. If they look nice, I'm happy! I often wish I did know their names though, especially when I'm trying to explain flowers I like to other people.

    The skirts on your blog look absolutely lovely!

    Linda. :)

  3. It's actually a bit embarrassing how little I know about flowers, given that I spent a good deal of time as a florist...and thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your very lovely comment. xo

  4. My mum always wanted to be a florist, and I so admire what they can do with flowers!

    I wanted to leave a comment on your post the other day, but I currently don't have any sound on my computer, so couldn't listen to the You Tube video properly!!

    When I saw the new post with the lovely skirt today I had to comment!!


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