Monday, November 23

My Cat Would Have A Ball In This House - Cat Friendly House Design...

If you're a cat lover, then this is the house for you and your beloved friends!!

Designed especially for inhabitants of the furry kind to keep them happy, this is a design treat!

The Japanese are well known for treating their pets like children, so it's no surprise to find the designer of this house and its amazing cat focused features is Japanese.

Nooks, climbing areas, cat hide-outs, plenty of cat doors, places to snooze and play.... this home has it all!

You can see more delightful pics and find out more info at Modern Cat!



Here's a post for the dog lovers out there...



  1. I guess it would work best if you had really fluffy cats, that way you could be certain all of those ledges would be dusted properly.

  2. Lol Trasha, they would collect a bit of dust, that's for sure!

  3. Great design. But I think my dogs would probably like having adventures in that house more than my cat!

  4. Can you imagine what would remain of my poor bones if I had a place like this? Nothing!! Tha cats already own my place even if it's not designed for cats. If I lived there I know they would react like they can actually take over the whole world. But, needless to say, I would love to live in that house and see my babies having fun all day. Not that they are bored...oh, no...


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