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From The Man Who Designs The Impossible - The Ablitt House

Jeff Shelton is a man known for his ability to 'design the impossible'. And, he had to live up to his reputation to design the 'Ablitt House' for his clients Neil and Sue Ablitt.

The whole house is built on a block of land only suitable for containing a two car garage.

Nothing else.

A two car garage.

So.... how do you fit a house where only a two car garage would normally go?

The answer is you go up.

Waaayyyy up!

And, because it's in an earthquake prone area, even further down, to make sure it'll withstand anything the Santa Barbara ground can throw at it.

This amazing home is extra ordinary in so many ways.

It has beautiful sinuous curves everywhere you look, both inside and out, including a 108 foot long black walnut stair rail that wraps around the stair well like a serpent.

It provides a visual feast of Morrocan and Mexican design ideas.

It has one main room on every floor above ground level.

When Jeff asked Sue what her likes and wants were she said, "Books, wine, and tiles". And Jeff has delivered. Nooks and niches are seamlessly woven into the home's interior. Little treasure troves hold her adored books, and beautiful wines. And the tiles! 'We're living in a piece of art', comments Neil.

Quirky sculptures, multiple stone carvings,and ornamental features add to the tiles' artistic display.

It was built by builder extraordinaire Dan Upton, and consists of 800,000 pounds of poured concrete. He and Jeff make a brilliant combo!

A real testament to determination, vision, planning, meticulous design, and boldly going where no home builder has gone before!

Risky - but so right!

Check out the Ablitt House site at You'll also be able to see photos of the construction process and another video.

Photos by Andrea Adelman and from

Ask yourself: 'Do I have a dream home? Is there something I'd like to try in relation to my home but am afraid to?'

Which leads to: Have you really researched the possibilities of making your dream come true? What would it take to make your dream come true?

Because: Dreams are often not as out of reach as we think. Sometimes we're afraid or unsure without knowing all the facts.

An excerpt from one of my favourite songs goes like this.....

'Don't be scared of what you cannot see.
Your only fear is possibility.
Never wonder what the hell went wrong,
Your second chance may never come along.'

(Pete Murray - Opportunity)

Take your opportunities while you can!

Happy weekend. :)



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