Monday, August 17

The Door Opens

Welcome to Heartfire At Home....

...the world of one passionate, crazy, and heartfelt designer. A world where interior design is about connection, soul, courage, self knowledge, purpose, allure, feelings, texture, scent, colour, and rooms in which you want to linger.... and linger.

A place where slavishly following trends at the expense of what you truly long for is abhorred. A place where interior design is elevated to a more meaningful and deeper level in our lives.

Strangely (or so you may think), many of the pictures on this blog will not be of 'showcase interiors'..... those beautiful yet sterile rooms so artfully yet falsely arranged.

In fact many pictures on this blog will not feature interiors, or even anything to do with a house at all... yet will be vital to the way I believe you should be decorating.

I look forward to sharing my design philosophy with all of you. And I begin with this....

'Let yourself be silently drawn
by the strange pull of what you really love.
It will not lead you astray'. Rumi



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