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An Interlude With Allison Trentelman of Rocky Top Studios...

One of the best ways to adorn a space on your wall has to be with beautiful photographs. You can choose subjects close to your heart and feel a close connection to them because of the 'realness' of the picture.

Nature lovers in particular can bring the outside in by choosing and displaying the breathtaking beauty of nature on their walls.

One photographer able to perfectly re-create the astounding and heart-stopping images offered by our natural world is Allison Trentelman.

Allison produces fine photographic artwork from the coast of Maine. Her meticulous work brings the magic, mystery, and stunning ruggedness of the Maine coast alive, and into our interiors.

The beautiful, wild landscape surrounding Allison provides constant inspiration, and she says she enjoys living in a place where she can "See the Milky Way on any clear night". Lucky girl!

The seasons in Maine are severe and ever-changing, and it's impossible to go against nature's cycles. Working so closely with the flow of the seasons has changed the pace of Allison's life, and her photos reflect the peace and calm she's found in the quiet and beautiful state of Maine.

I first came across Allison's delightful work whilst searching for owl pictures on Etsy. I have a 'thing for owls', and when I first saw 'Newton the Owl' I was completely smitten. I gazed at him for quite some time after initially jumping up and down on my chair sqealing 'Oooh look, oooh look!'.

A very handsome owl he is indeed - just my type!

After browsing the rest of Allison's beautifully detailed work, I emailed and asked if she'd mind me featuring her on my blog, and here we are!

Allison's love for Maine comes through in her photographs. She says "On the way into the state you pass a sign that says 'Welcome to Maine, The Way Life Should Be' which is truly how I feel about it here. There is fresh air, beautiful landscape, and interesting, innovative, hardy people that give the state a distinct 'feel' that I just love".

The effect superb photography can have on an interior is evidenced in the feedback Allison receives in her Etsy shop. One customer writes...

"My photographs are safely here, great packaging! I love them! Can't wait to design my bathroom around them and the feelings of calm and serenity that they invoke! Thank you!"


"Gorgeous heavy paper, perfect color. I love these and hung them in my son's room for him to look at." (What a wonderful way to introduce a child to the delights of nature. Rather than the oft used cartoony sort of print, you can create an early curiosity, affinity, and amazement with nature and the natural world).

And another...

"I want to decorate my whole house with these prints, they're so amazing! Really lovely print, super fast shipping, great friendly seller!"

Here's two of Allison's beautiful flower photographs..

Allison exhibited at Domaine Gallery in Portland, ME for several years until their closing in 2008 and has had a number of group and solo shows across the country. Her work has been published in several books and magazines including 'Best of America: Photography'. Now all of her work is available as fine art prints and cards direct from her studio through her online shops.

You can find her work at the following places online...

Allison's Etsy Shop - Rocky Top Studio on Etsy
Allison Trentelman Photography -
Rocky Top Studio -

And visit her blog at -

I have this quote hanging on my fridge, and I think it pertains to photography such as Allisons...

'Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the number of moments that take our breath away'.

~ Anon ~



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  1. Allison is how I found you. She is amazing. I've loved her work from the first time I saw it.


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