Friday, January 8

In An Unguarded Moment - Hello 2016!

Well hello!! (Anybody who's still out there!)

It's been a while, (a LONG while), since I was home here on Heartfire. And, lots has happened.

But, to cut a super-long story short... it's a new year, and I have a new blog elsewhere!!

Time away has led me in a similar, yet slightly different direction, and I'm happily back online and ready to play.

This blog will stay here as it has a very soft spot in my heart. Some of the posts about interiors may just find their way over to my new home as I'm so attached, and always will be!

I'll also be writing on some other topics though, which will become obvious if you visit.

Come and say hi if you get a chance. :))))

You can find me at In An Unguarded Moment.

Happy New Year to one and all!

Linda. xox

PS. Come and try out a free mini course! I've created a couple just for you. :)

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